Illustrator of the Month – Lydia Monks

Illustrator Spotlight on Lydia Monks

By Lisa Bulpin

Illustrator Spotlight on Lydia Monks

Author and Illustrator Lydia Monks

Lydia Monks is an award winning author and illustrator from Sheffield England.  Her books are gorgeously whimsical and sweet.

Lydia Monks studied graphics and then did a degree in Illustration at Kengsington University.  After she studied she worked for many newspapers and magazines but she always had dreams of being an illustrator of childrens books.

She found it hard breaking into the industry, so she took matters into her own talented hands and decided to write her own book and illustrate it too!  With her dream in mind  she created her first book I Wish I Were a Dog, a wonderful picture book full of wonder, humour and bright coloured illustrations  In 1999 it won the bronze Smartie Prize!

She has since written and illustrated 70 books worldwide!

She has illustrated  books for some much loved childrens authors like Julia Donaldson, Carol ann Duffy and Roger McGough.



Things you didn’t know about Lydia Monks:

   1. She has ginger hair.
2. She goes to tango classes.
3. She has a sister called Julie who also illustrates children’s books.
4. She doesn’t have any pets but would like some.
5. She always talks to cats in the street.
6. She listens to the radio all day while she works.
7. She has won medals and trophies for Irish dancing.
8. She used to have an old, green car that was born in the 1970s, which people used to laugh at.
9. She uses teeny, weeny brushes to work with.
10. She has a husband who is also an illustrator.

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