Reasons to get your Kids Reading

Reasons to get your Kids Reading

By Rachel Reeves

At Reader’s Warehouse we believe that reading to your child and teaching your child to read from a young age is the best thing you can do for any budding mind.

Our youngest customer La'eeqah

Have a look at our youngest customer La’eeqah, who is completely absorbed in her first purchase from Reader’s Warehouse. Not only is La’eeqah a total cutie she’s a reader too, which we couldn’t be happier about! For more information on why we’re so excited to see tots loving books from such an early age continue reading as we explain how important reading is for your own child’s early development.


At birth, a healthy baby is born with about 200 billion active brain cells. With the right stimulation each of these 200 billion neurons is capable of multiplying and growing to create thousands of additional connections, allowing the brain to store increasing volumes of information. These connections are a direct result of early learning experiences and form the basis of all future learning and intellectual ability.

Talking, singing and reading to your child from an early age is instrumental in their early development and can strengthen and create new links in their brain. As children learn faster in their first six years of life than at any other developmental stage this early stimulation is beyond important for their early academic success.

Scientific studies have proved that reading can help your child:

  • Learn to love learning, which in turn leads to higher grades and a greater understanding of new ideas.
  • Improve your child’s language skills, as reading from an early age increases vocabulary and general knowledge, which in turn improves their attention span and leads to better concentration.
  • Emotionally early readers show an increase in self-confidence and independence, as reading promotes greater maturity and increases discipline as well as creating the ground work for moral literacy.
  • Uncover problem-solving techniques and increases your child’s creativity and imagination.


Why not have a look at our Kids Club page for great ideas on books your child will love to read and create a loving relationship between your child and reading today!

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