Dark Places

Dark Places

By Lisa Bulpin

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

The blockbuster movie Gone Girl has come and gone and some of us are still reeling from it, luckily we’re in for another “eyes glued to the screen” movie in Dark Places.

Written by the bestselling author Gillian Flynn and directed by Giles Paquet-Brenner, Dark Places is sure to be another great book to movie adaption.

Imagine if your 15 year old brother killed your whole family.  Imagine you were only 7 and hiding in a cupboard when it happened.  That’s exactly what happened to Libby Day.  After escaping into the snow, little Libby ended up loosing some fingers and toes from frost bite………..but at least she survived. 

After her account of the day helped to put her brother away in jail, Libby then spent the next 25 years drifting from place to place while living off a trust fund that was set up for her by kind hearted people who wanted to help her, but now the money is running out and Libby is desperate to find a way to get more.

She is contacted by a group of people who are obsessed with solving unsolved murder cases and they are convinced her brother is innocent, they offer her money to help them investigate that day.  Libby accepts and is taken back straight to that awful day, but this time with older, more mature eyes she soon starts to discover some terrible things and once again ends up running for her life from a murderer. 

The story is told from three point of views, Patty Day, an exhausted mother-of-four who starts to fear her son is becoming involved in satanic rituals, Ben Day, the brother, we see how his thoughts become increasingly dark,… but does that mean he would really murder his family? And lastly Libby Day, who has become a very selfish, complex, violent women.


Thrown into the minds of each of these characters we get left at times with very bad taste in our mouths and a disturbed feeling in our hearts.

Written and artfully executed, Gillian Flynn has written another masterpiece. 

The movie is coming out in March so you have ample time to get the book and read it, and trust me, it’s the sort of book you will devour. 

Click here to see the book: http://www.readerswarehouse.co.za/9780753827031

Have you read Dark Places?

What did you think about it?

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