Author of the Month – Enid Blyton

Author Spotlight on Enid Blyton

By Lisa Bulpin

Enid Blyton have been a bestselling childrens author since  the 1930’s.

She has written numerous wonderful stories that children have loved for decades from all over the world.  Her most well known stories being Noddy, Famous Five and Secret Seven.  My personal favorite is The Far Away Tree!  She has built a literary empire throughout the years that continues to grow!

Her stories are ageless and get passed down from family to family.

Enid Blyton was always very passionate about supporting charities.  She felt very strongly about making sure her stories had a great moral meaning. 


Enid Blytons Early Years

Enid Blyton was born in East Dulwich London, in August 11, 1897.  She was the eldest of three children. Enid got her love for nature, art, music and literature from her father. Enid adored her father and didn’t seem to get on with her mother because their interests were very different.

Unfortuantely Enid’s father left her mother for another woman when she was 13 years old which devastated her.  Enid didnt attend any of her parents funerals when they later passed away. 


When Enid was a teenager she decised to presue writting.  After she finished high school she moved to Seckford Hall in Suffold and lived iwth Goerge and Emily Hart.  Seckford Hall was rumoured to be haunted and it was great inspiration for the stories she later wrote.

A bit later Enid decided to become a teacher and she enrolled in a National Froebel Union teacher training course.  This was also a great foundation for all the wonerful stories she later wrote, who better to give her inspiration then children themselves!

With regards to her writting, Enid wrote numeous manuscripts that were rejected in the begining, but she never stopped trying.  In March 1916 her first set of poems were published which I imagine was a very exciting moment for her.  Getting her poems published just urged her on to keep writting and from then on she got numerous things published.  She wrote poems, wrote in annuals and then of course the novels that we’ve all loved through out the years.

I really recommend getting some of her magical books, even if your child is too young too read, get the Far Away Tree and read a chapter a night to them.  Stories like Enid Blytons are sure to spark a love for reading in your children.

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