Author of the Month – R.L Stine

R.L Stine

Author of the Month – R.L Stine

By Lisa Bulpin

Giving children the creeps with his scary novels since 1986, R.L Stine has written numerous bestselling children’s horror books and continues to do so much to his fans delight.

From the young adult series Fear Street to Goosebumps R.L Stine loves giving children the heeby jeebies and will continue to do so for years to come.

Here are some interesting R.L Stine Facts

  • He was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1943
  • R.L Stines name is Rob
  • He started writing when he was 9 years old on an old typewriter, he loved to write little stories and jokes
  • In 1965 he moved to New York to become a writer, he continued to write joke books for kids
  • He is the creator of the funny humor magazine for kids called Banana
  • In 1969 he married his wife Jane
  • Jane opened a publishing house and helped R.L Stine to get his books published. She published all of his popular books
  • In 1986 he wrote his FIRST scary novel!  It was a hit, and he kept the scary train going after that
  • He created Fear Street in 1989 and it has been the biggest selling Teen book series ever.
  • In 1992 he wrote his first Goosebumps and children fell in love with the series!  It even became a TV show and was the top watched series in the USA for 3 years in a row.
  • So far he has written over 300 novels

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R. L. Stine’s works
R.L Stine


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