Author of the Month – Mary Pope Osborne

Author of the Month – Mary Pope Osborne

By Lisa Bulpin

Mary Pope Osborne Author

Born: May 20, 1949

Books Published: Almost 100 Books!

Most Popular Books: Magic Treehouse Series


Mary Pope Osborne is the author of the very popular Magic Tree House series.

Mary is a very well-traveled woman.  Her father was in the army so they moved around a lot when she was little which set her up to be an adventure and travel seeking person as she grew up.

Mary was very fond of the theater when she was a child and took part in the community theater where she settled with her family when she was 15 years old. (Mary’s a secret agent and no one knows exactly where she lives) She lived and breathed the theater because she could travel all over the place in her imagination when she was there.

She went to university to study drama but soon became interested in mythology, cultures and religion.  She ended up becoming a religion major and absorbed as much as she could about different cultures.


When she finished university the adventure for her really began.  She did some exciting things like camped in a cave on the island of Crete.  She then headed to “The East” with a group of young people and traveled through 16 Asian countries in a caravan.  She almost lost her life in an earthquake in Afghanistan and a riot in Kabul.


Her travelling adventures ended when she got blood poisoning and had to return home. She then worked in numerous jobs.

She met her husband Will Osborne in Washington, he was playing Jesse James in a musical she was watching and she fell completely in love while watching him onstage.


It was completely by chance that Mary started writing. She started writing her first story called Run as Fast as You Can and an editor liked it.  She soon discovered a passion for writing after that and has since published almost 100 titles in the last 30 years since she’s been writing.


Her popular series the Magic Tree House was written and published 10 years after her first book.

The series is loved by children and teachers from all over the globe.  It even beat Harry Potter in 2006 as the No.1 top selling book in the New York Times.

The series centers on a brother and a sister and is filled with mystery, fantasy and adventure.


Take a look at The Magic Treehouse series here


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