A Real Meal Revolution For Kids

Since the release of best-selling Real Meal Revolution our way of looking at food has been shaken to the core. Eating fat is good, in fact the more fat you eat the better! The research contained in The Real Meal Revolution goes on to show how all our lives we have been told the wrong optimal dietary information to increase sales of various industries.

Whether you’re a critic of the Banting method or a proud supporter you can’t argue with science and science is in complete agreement!

Enter Professor Tim Noakes, Jonno Proudfoot , Sally-Ann Creed and David Grier with their bestseller that spent 20 weeks in the number one spot and sold more than 160,000 copies.

Now Noakes and his team are taking the world by storm with the release of their latest book Raising Superheroes, aimed at achieving optimal health for your kids from their first stages of development. Raising Superheroes gives you, as parents, some great ideas on healthy recipes that your kids will actually enjoy eating and want to eat more of.

The book starts with a recipe section for pregnancy to six months, this is where nutrition starts as whatever you eat while pregnant your developing child is consuming. Focused on eating whole foods rather than high fat and cutting carbs like it’s adult counterpart, Raising Superheroes aims at teaching your child to enjoy whole, healthy food that does not contain loads of sugar and preservatives from birth. The thought behind this is that the more tastes you expose your child to at an early age the more likely he or she will be to love real food and avoid those fussy eating phases most children go through. This control can also help to avoid food allergies and intolerance’s, as scientists have done extensive research into the link between early exposure and later developed problems.

A lot of focus is put on ages 1 – 3 as this is the toughest stage to get a set eating plan in place, so the younger they start enjoying whole foods the better for them and you. No more force feeding a screaming child mounds of veggies, this amazing book is filled with delicious recipes that will turn the screaming into smiles!

The book details recipes all the way up to 13+, which covers the terrible teenage years. The less processed food your children eat in this stage of their development the less likely they are to suffer from hormonal issues and the grumps that come along with puberty.

Have a sneak peek at some great recipes from the new ‘Raising Superheroes’ and start feeding your Superheroes right!

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