Author of the Month – Rachel Renee Russell

Author of the Month – Rachel Renee Russell

By Lisa Bulpin

Photo courtesy Suna Lee -- 2013 -- Rachel Renee Russell.
Photo courtesy Suna Lee — 2013 — Rachel Renee Russell.

This month we’re featuring the wonderful Rachel Renee Russell, the author of the very popular Dork Diaries series.

Rachel is not only a children’s author, she is also an Attorney! She far prefers writing children’s books than writing dreary legal briefs.

She was born on 13 March 1959, she grew up in Michigan with her two twin brothers and two sisters, a big family full of love, laughter and I’m sure a bit of sibling rivalry.

She now lives in Northern Virginia with her two lovely daughters and her very spoiled yet adorable Yorkie.

Some interesting facts about Rachel Renee Russell

  • The Dork Diaries charcter Nikki Maxwell was named after her youngest daugher Nikki
  • Her daughters were her inspiration for writing the Dork Diaries
  • The first Dork Diaries book was published in 2009
  • Many of the stories in her books are based on real life experiences her and her daughters had at school
  • Her hobbies are growing purple flowers, doing crafts and reading middle grade books

Some intersting facts about the Dork Diaries series

  • So far there are 9 books in the series
  • More than 20 million copies have been sold
  • They have been translated into 32 different languages.
  • The first Dork Diaries movie is set to be released in 2016
  • As of July 2015 the Dork Diaries book series has spent 131 WEEKS on the New York Times Best Sellers list
  • Her older daughter helps her with the writing and her younger one helps her with the illustrations!  Its a real family affair!
  • The Dork Diaries series has received two children’s Choice Awards!


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