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Born November 18th 1939, Margaret Eleanor Atwood had a less than ‘usual’ upbringing. Her father was an entomologist and Atwood spent most of her childhood in the backwoods of Quebec, Canada. She didn’t attend school full-time until she was eight years old, although she began writing at age six and is described as a ‘voracious reader’ devouring anything she could get her hands on. She was especially fond of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Dell pocketbook mysteries, Canadian animals stories and comic books of any kind.

Atwood decided that she wanted to write professionally at age 16 and went on to study English, Philosophy and French at the University of Toronto.

While Atwood is best known as a novelist she has published 15 volumes of poetry many of which were inspired by her childhood love of fairy tales and myths.

Atwood is the Queen of speculative fiction and we honestly cannot get enough of her incredible books which is why we are so very excited about her latest release The Heart Goes Last (but more about that here)

Interesting facts about Margaret Atwood

  • To this day Atwood denies that her book The Edible Woman is feminist literature, she believes the feminist label may only be applied if the author consciously works within the framework of the feminist movement. She had written the book four years prior to the movement.
  • Atwood is an outspoken supporter of environmental preservation, supporter of the Green Party of Canada and a honorary president of the Rare Bird Club.
  • Atwood was the first contributor to the Future Library project, which aims to collect one story by a popular author a year until 2114 and release them then, her novel Scribbler Moon was submitted and will be kept under lock and key for 100 years!
  • Her novel The Handmaid’s Tale was the winner of the first ever Arthur C Clarke award in 1978. This award is given to the best Science Fiction novel first published in the United Kingdom.
  • Atwood invented a robotic pen that allows her to sign books for fans without being physically present! The LongPen is a robotic arm with pen attached that means Atwood can be anywhere in the world but still able to sign books for her adoring fans.

Why not browse the incredible selection of Margaret Atwood titles Reader’s Warehouse has to offer, after more than fifty years of published writing there’s sure to be something for every Reader!

Author of the Month - Margaret Atwood

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