Local Author Spotlight on Clive Algar

If you’re a fan of local fiction we’re sure you’ve come across fantastic local author Clive Algar and completely devoured every word of his intriguing fiction. If not, you’re in for a serious treat!

Algar was a late bloomer in the writing world, having published his first novel, Journeys to the End of the World, only after his retirement, this didn’t seem to slow him down at all!
Publishing his second book, Flowers in the Sand, only four years later showed that Algar, as with most luxury items, only got better with age.

Journey to the End of the World


Journeys to the End of the World is an engrossing story tying four characters lives together across generations, in the local setting of Plettenberg Bay. As psychology student Vicky searches for information about her grandfather she is taken on a journey she couldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams. The story is breath-taking and explores many human traits that may be uncomfortable, but are never-the-less emotions we are all able to relate to.

You can get your copy from Reader’s Warehouse or get the Ebook from Amazon.



Flowers in the Sand, set in a dusty Namaqualand town during the Anglo-Boer-War, really demonstrates Algar’s talent for writing emotionally wrenching stories that you actually want to read! Emma Richardson must fight for her survival, in whatever way she can, when the town is surrounded by Boer fighters she is forced to make a choice to follow her heart or face a tragic fate.

You can get your copy from Reader’s Warehouse or get the Ebook from Amazon.


Comets by Clive Algar

Algar’s latest novel, Comets, released in 2013 is set in Cape Town during the 1830’s and follows James and Isabelle Foster as they face their own reality in the face of moral crises they cannot seem to overcome. Their lives are interrupted and changed forever with, not only the appearance of Halley’s comet, but of a young Charles Darwin, the aristocratic Michael Percy and Adam and Catherine, the young emancipated slave couple. These varying influences cause the Foster’s a rude awakening. One from which they may never recover.

Comets has only been published in Ebook format and is available from Amazon.


In short Clive Algar is the kind of storyteller you will return to again and again, for his characters, his stories and for the emotions he manages to evoke in every reader.

For more information on this fantastic local author, have a look at his website here.

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