The hunt for OLDER lead Female Characters in Literature Challenge

older female lead characters in leterature

And by older I mean from 30 and up.

I’ve been noticing from the books I’ve been reading, mainly fantasy, that all the main female characters are young. They seem to mainly be in their Early 20’s or SOMETIMES in their middle 20’s.  Of course, all the female lead characters in the YA fantasy fiction are under 20.

I’d really love to read a book where the female lead is older than 30!

At the moment I’m feeling like women don’t exist over 30 in the literary fiction world,  it’s like once you’ve hit that age, that’s it, you’re boring, you’re not worth writing about now.   Heaven forbid a female over 30 is an ass-kicking hero who goes on an amazing journey to save the world.

So my challenge to you is, post the title of a book in the comment section of any book you know where the lead female is over 30, lets see how many we can find!


Lisa Bulpin

Lisa Bulpin

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4 thoughts on “The hunt for OLDER lead Female Characters in Literature Challenge

  1. I cannot give a precise title but I can recommend Kristen Ashley. Plenty of her female leads are 30 and above. There’s the ‘Burg series especially. Rock Chick series – few are mid to upper twenties but most are 30.

    1. oh! I recently read Daughter of the House by Rosie Thomas. The heroine is Nancy Wix and the book spans over +/- 20 years, but it’s only when she reaches her thirties that she has found herself and shaped her place in the world. A truly beautiful read.

  2. Scarpetta Series by Patricia Cornwell. Kay Scarpetta is nearing her 40’s.
    In Death Series by J.D Robb Eve Dallas is in her 30’s.


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