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Here’s a secret that not many readers know… you don’t have to be considered a ‘young adult’ to enjoy Young Adult fiction!

Now I’m not going to disclose my age because, well, a lady never does. But let me just say that I’m more adult than young.

But I still absolutely adore Young Adult fiction and why wouldn’t I? Young Adult fiction has so much to offer its readers! From ass-kicking heroines who inspire us to intricate dystopian worlds we never want to leave, it has something for every Reader no matter what age.
Our book-loving Review Crew have helped us create a selection of their absolute favourite Young Adult titles so you know exactly which book to read next.

Find your next favourite Young Adult read here.

Rachel Reeves

A Bibliophile through and through, Rachel is a firm believer that the right sentence, read at the right time can be life-changing.
When she doesn't have her nose buried in a book, Rachel can be found surrounded by furry friends or cooking up delicious plant-based feasts.

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10 thoughts on “Your Best Young Adult Fiction

  1. YA is hands down the best genre right now. There’s such a range of fantastic books to choose from. I’ve got way too many favourites to list right now, but one that really stood out for me this year so far, is The Girl from Everywhere – filled with adventure, diverse characters and time travelling shenanigans, I can’t recommend this one enough.

  2. There are some amazing YA novels out there that I am happy to get my hands on to read #readerswarehouse

  3. YA technically not a genre, it’s just books that are aimed at that particular age group. I’m a young adult (even though I have no idea how to adult) and I make my mom read YA books all the time ,and she loves them 🙂


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