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Take a look at what one of our AWESOME Review Crew members, Cupcake Mummy has rated with FIVE STARS on our website!  If you like any of the books she’s reviewed, click on the links below and give it your rating and review.  Happy reading and hope you find some nice treasures in the list below!


hopeless by colleen hoover

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Bring the Tissues

This was my first Hoover book and the one that got me addicted to all her writing. A BRILLIANT debut novel. Her work is top notch and a romance readers crack. This story is beautiful and just when you think you might know what’s going on there’s a twist thrown in that grabs your heart and shreds it into a million little pieces



never never by colleen hoover

Never, Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Cliffhanger Warning

I’m a Hoover/Fischer addict and their instagram friendship is hilarious so when I found out they co-wrote a book I was all in the minute it was available. It’s excellent and so different to anything I’ve read before but seriously, if you hate cliffhangers don’t read it till the whole series is out.




Creative Colouring Animals by Valentina Harper

Grab Those Pencils!

There is something so relaxing about sitting and colouring in and I’m pleased as punch there are books for adults now. I have this one and my 6 year old has forced me to share it with him cause in his words it’s better than his silly ones



the 100

The 100 by Kass Morgan

Better than the series!

I only came across this book cause I accidentally found the series and if I’m watching something I know that’s a book I’m going to read it asap and as per usual… the book is SO MUCH better than the series!




ally condieAtlantia by Ally Condie

Yay for sirens!

Rio is one of those characters I love to read about because she’s a somewhat unlikely heroine (despite her super special secret). She is scared and confused after having lost both her sister and her mother without getting to say goodbye. But not willing to let the world take advantage of her, Rio goes to vast lengths to get what she wants. She loves her mother and Bay and she finds it hard finding out secrets they kept when they were with her in Atlantia. What I liked most about Rio is how strong and smart she is. She’s not one of those characters who run into danger with half-baked plans. She is a planner and she thinks everything through. I also adored the romance which developed for Rio and True. Their interactions are adorable and they work as a couple. Beautifully paced, the romantic story line worked perfectly for me as a reader.

mindfulness colouring book

The Mindfulness Colouring Book by Emma Farrorons

Pocket Size

I have the Afrikaans one (cause I can colour in different languages haha) and its perfect to keep in your bag and pull out when you’re sitting alone somewhere waiting for someone or simply just needing a bit of time to blank out the world




the fault in our stars

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Pass the Tissues Please

This one is a hard fight for first place and comes up as a close second. It’s beautiful, it’s heartbreaking and it has some of the best quotes in it. I was stuck for a long time after reading this. Not all books have happy endings but not all of them need those to be brilliant.




rainfall by Melissa Delport

Rainfall by Melissa Delport

A MUST read!

Best book for me hands down and I don’t think it’s going to be easy to find a book that will top it. Already instructed the author she NEEDS to write another that matches/tops it. Though she’s really going to struggle…





the legacy by melissa delport

The Legacy by Melissa Delport

Fast Paced!

A whole new spin on what happens to America when the bombs hit it and one man gets all the power. I want to be her!





the legion by melissa delport

The Legion by Melissa Delport

Not a Stand alone!

You have to read book 1 to understand what’s happening. I thought I was an Adam fan but man oh man Reed has all my votes now. ***Cliffhanger





the edge of always

The Edge of Always by J.A Redmerski


The first book is usually better but this one follows up so well. If you enjoyed The Edge of Never then you’ll definitely want to know what happens in book 2






the edge of never

The Edge of Never by J.A Redmerski

Let’s Road Trip!

A little predictable here and there but it really makes me want to pack a bag and road trip across the country in hopes of meeting someone epic 😉






tangled by emma chase

Tangled by Emma Chase


Have you read Wallbanger yet? This is like a male version of it – BRILLIANT! I laughed so hard I snorted in public.






the 5th wave

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Now I hate birds!

I haven’t ever really given much thought to how the world is going to end but Yancey makes me a little scared, he’s definitely given it thought. Brilliant book. The end was s*** so hold out for book 2





the one week girlfriend

One Week Girlfriend by Monica Murphy

This book had me like…

It’s one of those books that you simply need to experience. It will leave you frustrated, in shock, angry, disgusted and confused. Despite all this, there is really a very sweet love story intermingled with all the bleepedupness! Trust me, this book is whacked!





second chance boyfriend

Second Chance Boyfriend by Monica Murphy


Book one was hot and heavy and quick and left us heartbroken. Drew is seeing a therapist and making amends and I’m 100% on his team. not a cliffhanger






the lucky one

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks 


Stop is Sparks, stop it. My itty bitty heart can’t take it anymore.







the last song

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks 

Dude. Tissues

I feel like all my Spark’s reviews are the same but I can’t help it. He’s so got it out for me I swear! Keep tissues on you.


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I have listed all of her other 5 star rated books below for you without pictures otherwise honestly, I’d be working on this blog post for hours!


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